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Gryffindork Bitch

Down with the ugly Miss Know-it-All, Gryffindork Nerd

Anti-Hermione Granger
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Welcome to Anti_HermioneGr, an anti-Hermione community for those against Hermione Granger. Gryffindork is a funny/rude term mentioned in the Harry Potter series referring to the brave students, the Gryffindors, with the purpose of degrading them for not being of brave but in a way, quite brainless.

This community actually refers to Hermione Granger in particular, since she is the most prominent Mudblood/Gryffindork character in the book, and this was meant to be as an anti-Hermione community anyway. I created this community because of the fact that Hermione Granger is the very epitome of what in wizarding norms would be considered as a Mudblood.Not also that, but to unite those anti-Hermione Granger fans. 

Here are the rules for those who do plan/want to join Anti-Hermione Granger:

  • x You have to either dislike or hate Book!Hermione Granger, obviously.

  • × I said Hermione Granger, not Emma Watson. Don't mix up the two.

  • × You will have to sign the form I have posted as soon as you're a member.
    × I will only allow certain people to join the community. I'm not at all an easy person to fool; I know how the human brain works

  • ×I will allow fan fics, icons, banners, etc. However, it HAS to be Anti-Hermione Granger and I will certainly not allow anything pornographic.

  • x Most importantly, as soon as you're accepted, you WILL have to sign the Anti-Hermione Granger form and put it under a lj-cut text

All incoming submissions for membership will be overlooked by a moderator, or by me. The reason for this is to prevent unwanted Hermione Granger fans from joining. Also, to prevent Emma Watson fans to criticize which I don't understand. We require applicants to post this application form in the community. Every applicant is entitled to fill out the form as soon as they are accepted to join Anti-Hermione Granger. 
Your Anti-Hermione Granger Form:

  1. Name:

  2. Age:

  3. Describe in detail, your feelings towards Hermione Granger. In other words, why do you hate/dislike Hermione Granger?:

  4. Most annoying feature/characteristic of Granger:

  5. In which book do you think Hermione Granger seemed most annoying/bitchy/skanky/etc.?

  6. If Hermione were a real character, what would you do?

  7. What's your favourite phrase to describe Granger:

  8. What's the perfect definition of Hermione Granger?:

  9. If a commotion/fight/drama where to occur between an anti-Hermione Gr. and a Fanatic Hermione Granger community, what would you do to represent/defend this community?

  10. What do you think of Hermione Granger fans?