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Hell's Librarian


Name: Cheyanne

Age: Somewhere between 1-100... lol, old enough. O.o

Describe in detail, your feelings towards Hermione Granger. In other words, why do you hate/dislike Hermione Granger?: In truth? Because. Of. THOSE STUPID fanfics where they pair her with Snape! And shes a know-it-all, and shes STUBBORN! AND shes slytherin biased!

Most annoying feature/characteristic of Granger: Shes a Know-it-all.

In which book do you think Hermione Granger seemed most annoying/bitchy/skanky/etc.? The 3rd one...well.. the first one she was most stubborn, and the second one she was punish'd! The 3rd one she was just plain stupid, and the fourth one she was a man-stealer, and in the 5th one she went back to being that know-it-al bitch we all know.

If Hermione were a real character, what would you do? Hunt her down and break her neak. Make her pay for living - a true crime agenst society

What's your favourite phrase to describe Granger: Man-stealing son-of-a-bitch

What's the perfect definition of Hermione Granger?: Man stealing whore of a bitch

If a commotion/fight/drama where to occur between an anti-Hermione Gr. and a Fanatic Hermione Granger community, what would you do to represent/defend this community? Battle to the end! Rock on Anti-Grangers!

What do you think of Hermione Granger fans? They will one day Rot in hell. As they deserve to.
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