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Hello there, fellow Anti-Hermione Grangerz! I'm you're newest member here and hopefully I'll have loads of fun in here!

  1. Name: Carlos

  2. Age: 17 years old

  3. Describe in detail, your feelings towards Hermione Granger. In other words, why do you hate/dislike Hermione Granger?: The fact that Hermione is very much of a sham, bogus, fake, etc! I remember reading for the first time reading Sorcerers' Stone. Before Hermione made her appearence I was finding the books very exciting and hopefully getting to know characters like the Weasley twins, Ron Weasley, or Draco Malfoy. But when Granger made her appearence I was like "Seriously, what can of character is an 11-year-old girl whose strict, absolutely intelligent, and sophisticated at the same time?" Now that Hermione was made Prefect, what are the chances that she'll soon be Head Girl or female Minister of Magic?

  4. Most annoying feature/characteristic of Granger: Hermione knows she's the brightest girl in Hogwarts and my assumption is that she's using her advantages as a gifted girl to intimidate and manipulate characters like Ron and Harry. Go figure.


  1. In which book do you think Hermione Granger seemed most annoying/bitchy/skanky/etc.? PoA. She was convinced that she was absolutely right in everything, even when they had proof that she was incorrect.

  2. If Hermione were a real character, what would you do?: Choke her to death.

  3. What's your favourite phrase to describe Granger: She-Man

  4. What's the perfect definition of Hermione Granger?: Walking Dictionary

  5. If a commotion/fight/drama where to occur between an anti-Hermione Gr. and a Fanatic Hermione Granger community, what would you do to represent/defend this community?: Hopefully that doesn't happen, but if it does I will support my fellow anti-Grangers.

  6. What do you think of Hermione Granger fans?: They're all blind which we believe it's our job to save them from destroying themselves.
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