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  1. Name: Alanis
  2. Age: 18
  3. Describe in detail, your feelings towards Hermione Granger. In other words, why do you hate/dislike Hermione Granger?: Hermione is simply a snobby, stuck-up, bitch who doesn't seem to understand people. She only believes facts coming from books, and doesn't believe in things that come from the heart. She snitch's on people, especially on Harry about his Firebolt, and attempts to find any stupid excuse to get out of trouble for her own benefit.
  4. Most annoying feature/characteristic of Granger: Her bushy brown hair and her front teeth (yuck!)
  5. In which book do you think Hermione Granger seemed most annoying/bitchy/skanky/etc.? The 4th book...she gets jeleus of Fleur Delacour. It isn't the Veela's fault! She's just beautiful, so what?!
  6. If Hermione were a real character, what would you do? Kick her everywhere, until I see bruises on her.
  7. What's your favourite phrase to describe Granger: Whore
  8. What's the perfect definition of Hermione Granger?: Annoying
  9. If a commotion/fight/drama where to occur between an anti-Hermione Gr. and a Fanatic Hermione Granger community, what would you do to represent/defend this community? I would side with Anti-Hermione Granger...I would tell Hermione fans to fuck off and go to hell.
  10. What do you think of Hermione Granger fans? They can believe whatever they want...their entitled to what they want to believe. It's none of my business, and my opinion shouldn't matter to them either
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