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Okay, so I'm very glad I joined this community since I just despise Hermione Granger, oh, and Emma Watson as well. And by the way, it's not jeleousy, you fans are the jeleous ones!


  1. Name: Lily Smith
  2. Age: 17 years old
  3. Describe in detail, your feelings towards Hermione Granger. In other words, why do you hate/dislike Hermione Granger?: I really hate her because she bosses people around and criticizes people for everything. She isn't perfect, hence, she is a mudblood after all. She really isn't worth anything at all. All she does is bitch and bitch. Shut the fuck up, Hermione!
  4. Most annoying feature/characteristic of Granger: Her snobby atttitude and her beaver/chipmunk teeth!
  5. In which book do you think Hermione Granger seemed most annoying/bitchy/skanky/etc.? The 3rd book. What a conceided bitch, especially with that ugly cat of hers.
  6. If Hermione were a real character, what would you do? Kill her, what else?
  7. What's your favourite phrase to describe Granger: Bitch
  8. What's the perfect definition of Hermione Granger?: Whore
  9. If a commotion/fight/drama where to occur between an anti-Hermione Gr. and a Fanatic Hermione Granger community, what would you do to represent/defend this community? I would side with Anti-Hermione Granger since your right in everything you say. I would just make icons myself making fun of Hermione Gr.
  10. What do you think of Hermione Granger fans? I have nothing against them...they're just stupid I guess.

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